We have a couple of potluck dinners per year, and we have the greatest buffets, mostly thanks to our ladies, even though we do have some very good cooks among the men as well.
Over the years, our food choices have become healthier, so while sweet treats are always a hit, and please make your favourite if you so desire, also be aware that savory foods are often more desirable as, especially the snack buffets after the regular meetings, are in reality many bretherens' supper.

You may wonder "what should I bring"?

There is usually plenty of bread, sandwiches and desserts, and although we appreciate anything you can bring, homemade is always better. Healthy, wholesome food is welcome, such as a vegetable salad, a hot or cold casserole, meat dishes, something with fish, or vegetarian if you prefer. Condiments can also be a nice addition to the table, like pickles, olives, salsa, egg/potato/bean salads, and deviled eggs for example.

For the "regular" meetings, ladies are of course always welcome to the after meetings socials, to which the bretheren bring snack food, such as small sandwiches, cheese, coldcuts, salads, veggies & dip, hot soup, chilli, and desserts like pies or cookies. Anything you bring is welcome, but as mentioned, please be aware that there is seldom a shortage of sandwiches, buns and bread.

Potlucks at Cariboo #4

Potluck dinner Guide Lines:
Since we may be short on savory dishes, please preferably bring a casserole, a salad or cold cuts - meats - fish - cheese - veggies, rather than desserts and sweets, which we often seem to have more of than real food.

Thank you!

Cariboo Masonic Lodge #4

Barkerville, British Columbia, Canada