Cariboo Masonic Lodge #4

Barkerville, British Columbia, Canada

On April 8, 2017, three bretheren paid a visit to Cariboo #4. They set out early in the morning to make it all the way from Victoria BC to the meeting which started at 4 pm. The three bretheren Kris Craig, Todd Conrod and Ian Sparks were certain the meeting started at 6 pm, and had given themselves lots of time, and would have made it earlier, but the trip started with a cancelled ferry. Still made good time so they stopped for a bite to eat, and thought they would skip on fast food and go to a good restaurant. That was a mistake as two of them ordered beef dip, and it was the worst beef dip ever! Then shortly after they had made the turn onto Barkerville Hwy, their truck showed an oil error message. They were all dressed properly in suits for the meeting. There they were, stuck on the highway, all dressed up, late on a Saturday afternoon. Surely there would be other bretheren going to the same meeting, and surely they would be recognized out on the road and someone would stop. Luckily, they still had cellphone service, which would not have been the case a few more km up the road. They called BCAA who told them it could be a couple of hours before anyone got to them. In a desperate attempt to get to the meeting, they called a taxi, but it would have been expensive all the way to Barkerville, so they thought they would explore other options. In the meantime Kris crawled under the truck and located the problem, the oil pan plug was missing. They took a cab to Lordco, still open, found the part along with tarps and gloves. Then Kris got back on his hands and knees and put the plug in place and they were on their merry way again, now very late, but on their way. They arrived at the lodge close to 8 pm, thinking that they had a legit excuse for being a little late. When they opened the door, not only had the meeting been over for a good hour, but the social was almost at an end. Turned out they were 4 hours late! The friendly bretheren at Cariboo #4 really appreciated their visit, welcomed them in, offered a drink and some food from the buffet. Bro. Neil Vant gave them a tour of the upstairs meeting hall, told them about the history of the lodge and all was well. We hope to see everyone again some time.


Kris Craig, Todd Conrod and Ian Sparks from Henderson Lodge #84


2 candidates Master Mason Degree, April 8, 2017