Cariboo Masonic Lodge #4

Barkerville, British Columbia, Canada

The Cariboo #4 150th anniversary of the Barkerville lodge will take place in conjuction with the August 11, 12 & 13th, 2017 meeting.


Due to the limited accommodation facilities in the area, campsites may be available. Although tickets for events and the banquet are sold out, bretheren are welcome to the meeting at the lodge on August 11 (download schedule below).

The following services are available in Wells and Barkerville:

(sorry, at this time - July 2017 - all rooms are fully booked)

The Hubs Motel, Wells - 250-994-3313

The Wells Hotel, Wells - 1-800-860-2299

Mountain Thyme Getaway, Wells

St. George Hotel, Barkerville - 1-888-246-7690

King & Kelly House B&B, and the King House, Barkerville - email:

150th Anniversary 2017


Campsite bookings at Forest Rose and Lowhee campgrounds.

Please contact Barkerville directly

Download Anniversary Program

Please download.

150th Anniversary Program

150th Anniversary Registration Form

Download Anniversary Registration Form

Please note:

Email Bro. Bill Cave, to confirm availability, then download, fill out form and bring to the lodge in Barkerville for payment and registraton there on Friday August 11